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Environment and Energy

Hope Uzodinma has been in forefront championing for a healthy and safe environment, as a senator he has consistently canvased for erosion prevention in Imo State, He has also advocated for independent energy generators to reduce air pollution and provision of stable electricity.

An advanced independent energy generation for Imo state will reduce carbon emission and improve the hospitality of the state. As Governor, Hope will work with all stakeholders to ensure the protection of our environment and guaranty stable electricity across the state. He will drive policies and projects that will position the state as number one environment friendly state in Nigeria. The approach will involve preservative measures for safeguarding our environment as a matter of public good, spread economic development in hospitality and environmental sector.

As one of the Oil producing states in Nigeria, we will increase the revenue of the state through discoveries of more oil wells and mining of other minerals As Governor, Hope will setup a special office for environment and energy advancement

Specifics on Environment and Energy



As Governor, Hope will resolve erosion issues, improve hospitality business in the state, beautify the environment and reduce excess carbon emission through planting of trees and construction of recreation centers. He will champion the protection of people, coasts, air and water from environmental hazards.



Energy has been a long known issue in Nigeria, this has greatly affected productivity of Imo state residence and citizens.
As Governor, Hope will setup an energy emergency development team, although we have huge natural gas that could be mined to power electricity, the development will also involve generation of sustainable energy through winds, nuclear power plants and solars.

Affordable Housing

Hope recognizes affordable houses as one of the three necessity of life. The cost of affording a house for civil servants and other citizens is very high. As Governor, Hope will deliver affordable houses to all in Imo State.


One of the major pillars of economic development is efficient transportation system, Hope has big plans to deliver modern transportation system, top on the list is intra-city railway that will connect all the cities in the State together.


Imo state was one of the leading educational state in Nigeria, but that has dropped, Hope is desired to restore our lost glory in educational sector and deliver a sustainable education system. Hope is desired to offer scholarships to Imo Citizens and create jobs for them after graduation.

Health Care

The childbirth maternity death rate has grown over the years in Nigeria due to poorly rural and urban health care facilities. As Governor, Hope will work with established health professionals and NGOs to establish functional health care centers and improve existing ones across the state.

Job Creation and Youth Development

Jobs are created by private sectors while the government provide the enabling environment for private businesses to thrive. As Governor, Hope will create sustainable programs for creation of Jobs and Youth Development. He will increase the oil productivity of the state to create reliable and sustainable jobs for our growing youth population. We will expand the mining of other natural resources and create the enabling environment for foreign and local investors.

Infrastructural Development

As Governor, Hope believe in complete projects and not abandoned ones. We will use the state resources and tax payers money to develop sustainable infrastructure that the state has never seen before. We will build morden roads, railways, houses, etc to improve the infrastructural need of the state.

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